Tuesday, August 10, 2010

to pick a pepper

In this time of year, a large portion my work consists of harvesting. And like any activity that is done over and over again, especially on 100 degree days, can become somewhat monotonous. The tomato patch can stink if there are some rotten ones around, melons are fun to look at, but heavy to carry (i've dropped my fair share), and pulling up root crops can be backbreaking. However, there's one vegetable I don't think I'll ever get tired of picking: the pepper.

I first realized this about 2 weeks ago when Max Greisbach and I were picking peppers for our Thursday market. You know how there are some things you don't realize under someone flat out says it? Well this was the case in regards to the joy of picking peppers. Max pulled one with a good "POP" and commented, "it's so satisfying!" When I processed what he said and pulled my next pepper (this time with an especially good picking sound) I completely understood what he meant. This was amazing! Sure, maybe people aren't buying our peppers like crazy, but I might just grow an excess every year just to hear these wonderful sounds. And you see, it's not just the sounds, whether it's a 'crack' or a 'pop' or the especially rare 'crack-pop;' those are all great, but it's also how it feels in your hand and the look. The texture of a pepper, especially the bigger ones, are so smooth and firm. It weighs less than you would think by looking at it and the design of each pepper just a little different. So it's always a surprise when you stick your hand in that plant and pull out one of those guys. My favorite are the ones colored purple and green. I don't want to eat it, more just hold it, admire, and maybe toss it around like a ball. Now I've found myself delegating all pepper picking to myself so I can reap maximum enjoyment. Very selfish I know. Maybe I'll begin to share after I've had my fill...maybe.

So harvesting may not be the most fun week after week, but thank God for the pepper.



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