Sunday, July 18, 2010

thoughts during a thunderstorm

I hear loud booms of thunder in the distance. They are only some miles away. In the old stone basement, I turn off the lights and stand by the window to watch. As I open it, wind quickly rushes in and blows the house's own dust in my eyes. Now I can hear more clearly the storm's voice. The thunder roars if to declare its power over the land. Flashes light up the entire sky. And I'm lucky enough to have a front row seat.

Nothing is more relaxing than the sound of rain and thunder. I'm not in control, but a mere admirer of this great creation. I'm at peace.

I do wish the storm was over top of us, though. Our parched land and crops need a drink. I'm sure they are watching with me, hoping their thirst will be quenched.

But now the thunder strengthens its voice and I hope the storm heads our way. The wind grows stronger as it pushes through the trees. Now a few rain drops! A big crack of thunder! More rain drops!